Our Story

Founded in 1994, Pasta Roma was the first open kitchen, quick service Italian restaurant to permeate California. The idea was born when the founders, originally from Milan, Italy realized that what was once their everyday diet could only be found at a formal, expensive, and usually hours-long experience in Los Angeles. Astonished by the lack of quality Italian food available to the masses, they decided to create a solution.

Pasta Roma prides itself on quality, authentic Italian food with most everything made from scratch in our kitchen. Watch our cooks rolling and cutting handmade loaves of bread, tossing pizza doughs, and baking fresh garlic rolls hourly. With recipes passed down for generations in Italy, at Pasta Roma we don’t compromise quality for time. We work harder so our patrons spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their meals. We are passionate about creating high quality foods for everyone in today’s fast paced environment.

Whether you are a student missing the fresh flavors of home, a hard worker needing a delicious lunch break, or a family desiring a satisfying dinner, our wide selection of dishes is sure to please. Join us for lunch, dinner, or happy hour! We invite you to join our family as we indulge in the pleasure of delicious food and great company.